Welcome to this space. Here, you’ll find individual narratives and a more nuanced take on selected social issues.

Posts will mostly follow this order:

Seed. TL;DR bare minimum.

Sprout. The kernel of the post.

Forest. A deeper look at the issue. Usually, not as long as a longread, but with enough substance to get you a look at the more subtle niceties going on.

Experimental text is a way of writing that plays with genre–you can mix poems, stories, images, and performances. You can also create mash-ups that blend journalistic, factual, fictional, and ethnographic narratives. Experimenting with text and genre like this can allow for more emphasis on the people, events, and ideas we explore. For more info, see:  The SAGE Dictionary of Qualitative Inquiry (2007).

All content in this blog is the creation of Aimee Wodda, PhD.